Sharing Saturday: Chloë, not cancer — KDD & Co

One wee dog, two sweaters, and an inspiring story of recovery

Chloë, not cancer — KDD & Co
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One-Word Wednesday


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Sharing Saturday (even though today is Sunday) 🐕”My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet” 🐕 — words and music and stories

These beautiful words were written by Edith Wharton, an American novelist, short story writer, and designer who was born on 24 January 1862She was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for literature in 1921 for her novel “The Age of Innocence” She loved dogs, although she seldom included them in her fiction: they […]

🐕”My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet” 🐕 — words and music and stories
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So, I Did a Thing Yesterday

There I was in an all-day prayer summit for my local community, and I had promised a friend who helped organize the event, ‘sure I’ll say a few words in testimony if it ends up being needed, I can share a quick word on forgiveness and start the conversation rolling in that direction’.

In my mind, I’d only be speaking from my seat for about twenty seconds, with no personal details about what brought me to the point of realizing my need to forgive someone who had truly wronged me. Just a simple, ‘hey y’all, there’s this thing we receive from God, it’s called forgiveness, and we are called on not just to share the love, but to share this forgiveness thing too, with everyone in His entire kingdom, we do it by becoming and being true forgivers ourselves, and it needs to be a purposeful action on our part’.

Yeah, right. Twenty seconds. From my seat. No personal details. Evidently, God had another plan.

Meaning, the thing I did yesterday was to get up in front of the room, take the mic in my hand, look out at the audience of about forty or fifty people and share something from my childhood that is so private and so taboo it isn’t supposed to be talked about in any normal, civilized setting.

So, look for future posts on how I come to terms with what I’m supposed to do now. God is calling on me here, and admittedly I’m confused right now and not understanding what it is I need to do or how I need to do it. But there is no mistake in the way the day unfolded yesterday…I was meant to say what I said in the way I said it, and there seems to be a path toward saying just a little more, for God also reminded me yesterday that I have a blog in which to do this.

Forgive. It’s hard. Especially when you think the person you need to forgive isn’t sorry.

Surviving abuse is more than just no longer being a victim.

Salvation is a transaction between sinner and God, meaning two beings are involved in order to complete the act. Forgiveness is not a transaction; it is an action that only requires one person…YOU.

See? The ideas are forming already for a potential series of posts.

Because I was in the prayer summit most of the day yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to provide a Sharing Saturday post. I LOVE doing Sharing Saturday, so look for that to post today too (even though it’s Sunday).

As always, enjoy (even though this is a little on the heavy side) and God Bless to everyone.

In a perfect world every dog has a home and no child is abused
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One-Word Wednesday


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Sharing Saturday: The Tale of a Paw — Sheltering with the Loons

Our family at Brant Lake lives in the era of Moses the Pit bull but before Moses there was Coco, a dog who brought diversity to the Adirondacks. Although our family investigated her DNA we cannot be certain of her origins. The test results suggested she was a composite of Doberman, Shepherd, Shar Pei, Chow […]

The Tale of a Paw — Sheltering with the Loons
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Earth Day 2021: Connected by Earth

A variety of Earth Day activities, including live talks, games, videos, and great downloadable posters and books, is now online during NASA’s Earth Day 2021 Virtual Event.

Source: Earth Day 2021: Connected by Earth

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Springtime in Indiana

Found these on Unsplash, so I have no clue where they were taken. I’m comfortable in my chair typing this out with my cup of coffee and laptop, so I’M certainly not going outside to snap pics. Simply posting to give readers an idea of what it looks like in the Spring season in Indiana. Hee hee.

Seriously, I’m sure there are some pets and much wildlife who are confused right now. Thank you for keeping things interesting, Mother Nature.

Enjoy the pics and God Bless to everyone.

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One-Word Wednesday


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Happy Volunteer Recognition Day


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