One-Word Wednesday: Costume

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Tautology Tuesday: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Book Recommendations

Posted on March 6, 2016 by lorijcollins, I Kissed a Dog and I Liked It

Dog reading book

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I’m a huge fan of any good book. Maybe not for ASAP Science like my two fur-buddies, here, but still.  Accompany the book with a rainy day, a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, a snuggly dog who loves me, and about two hours that don’t have to be spent otherwise, and I call that Heaven on Earth.

My favorite books are historical fiction. I love a book that will take me to another time and place, allow me to journey with the characters to far reaches, make me experience everything they see and feel, and teach me something that I didn’t otherwise know about myself or the world. It’s through a good book that I can travel the stormy seas on a pirate ship, smell the salt in the air, feel the sea mist lightly prickle me in the face, hear the creaking of the planks while feeling the ship move with the waves under my feet, and see the tiny critters crawling in the snaggly beards of the mates as they smile their toothless grins. Without a book, there is no opportunity for me to be the captain of the ship, the Queen of the castle, the damsel in distress, the fighting warrior on horseback, the swashbuckling pirate, the musketeer, the cowboy, the Indian, the astronaut, the keeper of some sacred relic, or the underdog who overcomes the greatest of obstacles.

So yeah, books are cool. And I accidentally wrote one. It may not be cool like the kind of books that can take you away like I described above. But it is still a book, and when I read it to myself now, I am indeed taken away to another place and time. I’m able to read again how it felt to have Molly with me, what a joy she was each and every day, and to relive that sad moment when we had to part company and say our final goodbyes. And that’s what I wanted when I wrote those memories. My goal was not exactly to write a book. It was to make sure that I would never forget Molly – how she looked, how she felt, what she smelled like, the silly things she did. It is preserved in my mind and my heart, and I’m easily able to bring it all back with the turning of a page.

Another book that I keep close at hand is A Letter to my Dog. It is a compilation of personal letters from dog owners to their dogs. It tells all kinds of happy, magical, special moments between people and their canine companions. If I had known about the book or its blog when Molly was still here with me, I’d surely have written a letter to her.

So, if you need to curl up with a good book on some rainy day for a quick easy read, I have two books that I highly recommend:   I Kissed a Dog and I Liked It, and A Letter to My Dog.

Keep reading, keep loving on your dogs, and God Bless.

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What If – Part One

Look what I found while trying to come up with my first post in the new “What If?” series for my blog!  A book.  But not just any book.  This is a book titled “What If?”  (What if I hadn’t found this book while cleaning my home office today?)

Molly and me working on a blogging post

Maybe the seed had already been planted for this series many years ago when I first bought the book as a gift for my uncle.  He liked it, read it, shared some of the stories with me, and then gave it right back.  I’ve kept it all these years dusting it and thinking of him every time I do so.

Okay so the book isn’t lining up exactly like I had pictured my first post going.  In my intro to proposing the “What If?” series, it was more scientific-type-thinks that I was contemplating writing about.  Things like space, time, human anatomy, chemistry, elemental configurations, and so on. 

This book, edited by Robert Cowley, contains the what-if-scenarios of history.  It’s a book of plausible historical fancy.  It would be a great book for history buffs, like my uncle, to enjoy parallel-universe and happenstance glances at elections, wars, plagues, scientific breakthroughs, and documented global events making the world what it is today. 

So yes, a different type of “What If?” than I originally thought I’d go with on my first posting.  But it proves a bit of a point.  What would I be typing out on the keyboard right now if I hadn’t seen the book when cleaning my office?  I don’t know and neither do you.

What if I had never purchased this book for my uncle?  What if my uncle had never returned the book to me?  What if I wasn’t working from home today?  What if I hadn’t cleaned my office before settling down to work? 

What if I never wrote my own book, I Kissed a Dog and I Liked It?  What if my friend hadn’t helped me set up my blog?  What if there was no WordPress? 

Along these type of what-if-scenarios (and remember I’m an Internal Auditor, so what-if-scenarios mean something completely different to me), the question I think of most is “What if Molly and I had never met?”

I’m so glad we did meet.  Glad and delighted she came home with me and learned to love her new home along with loving me and Jim.  I’m exceptionally thankful she was in my life even if only for a short period of time. 

There is thanks to be given for the way God blesses humans with companionship of all kinds, including that of animals.  What if God had not made the animals?  Maybe that will be my next post.  Sounds like a good direction to possibly go. 

In the meantime, be thankful for all the things in your own lives that have brought you where you are today.  They make you who you are, and you are loved and wonderfully made. 

Enjoy and God Bless!

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National Make A Dog’s Day

If you are a dog owner, you will appreciate this. Today is National Make a Dog’s Day.

Even if you are not a dog owner, hopefully you can still appreciate this. Dogs are such wonderful creatures, and if you are in a position to make a dog’s day, the same as they would do for any human, anywhere, anytime, and in any way, please take the time to do just that. Make a dog’s day.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter to walk some dogs. It’s not just good for them, it’s good for you too.

Donate dog toys, dog food, blankets and pillows, dog beds, whatever your local animal shelter needs. It will be so appreciated and goes a long way to helping dogs transition from being surrendered or picked up off the streets and placed in their furever homes.

Go Dogs!

Enjoy and God Bless!

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Doggy Kisses Are The Best

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One-Word Wednesday: Scrutiny

Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash
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Tautology Tuesday ~ Say It Again and Again and Again (and once more, just to be sure, again)

Sometimes We All Just Need a Little Push

Posted on September 17, 2015 by lorijcollins, I Kissed a Dog and I Liked It

Allysa on her bike

Our granddaughter, Allysa, has been learning to ride a bike this summer.  She doesn’t have the opportunity to do so at home (gravel lanes off of a busy highway and six-year-olds on bikes are not a good combination), so whenever she comes to our house and the weather is nice, we get out her bike and mine and go for a spin around the block.  It took her a while to get coordinated with some of the aspects of pedaling, braking, looking ahead instead of at her feet, watching for cars, learning not to let her training wheels get caught on higher ground than her rear tire; but her efforts have paid off.  Now at the end of summer, she is much more accomplished and confident on her bike.

But even just a couple of weeks ago, she was still struggling with sometimes needing an extra push from behind.  At one point in the summer, I thought that instead of following her, I would lead.  That way she could concentrate on watching me (instead of her feet), pedal a bit harder (which I was also encouraging her to do because she seemed to have a little trouble with the first revolution of the pedals), and hopefully get the hang of it all fairly quickly.  But even going slow, if I was in the lead, inevitably I’d have to turn around and help her.  So I reverted to only following her again, which allowed me to just take my forefinger and push on her seat ever-so-slightly, without her even knowing it, to keep the bike from stopping.  It was more effective, and I found that over time she needed less and less of my unbeknownst-to-her finger-pushes.

How many times have we all needed a little nudge in our lives?  A little persuasion to finish a project, or a sign that we are making the right decision, reinforcement to not give up, or encouragement from a friend to do something outside of our comfort zone.  These are all small things that do big things by motivating us into action, or solidifying plans that would have otherwise laid fallow.

As for me, I want to thank everyone who has offered praise and commendation for my book, I Kissed a Dog and I Liked It.  This project, at first, was just for me to grieve about losing a precious and dear friend, my sweet, little Molly Jean.  But now, thanks to friends and family who help me with a gentle push now and then, it’s become more than that.  It’s a way to share with people the beauty of the bond that exists between mankind and animals, a way to help people learn to cope with the loss of a beloved pet, a way to remind people that such a love comes from God, and last but not least it’s a way to help give back to animals in need.

What kind of a push do you need in your life right now to do something?  Donate?  Volunteer?  Go ahead…consider yourself nudged into it.  Like I told Allysa, “You can do it.  I know you can.”

Here’s the sign you’ve been waiting for.  Now, go do it.

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What If?

I’ve been thinking about a new series for my blog.  “What If?”

Have you ever stopped and wondered about all the things of the universe that you simply take for granted?  You know, like gravity?  What if there were no gravity on Earth?  We’d be floating around like the hot air balloons some of us are and end up out in space-the-final-frontier.

Or how about bones?  What if we were boneless?  We’d be flesh-puddles. 

Other things that come to mind are those weird science factoids, like if the Moon were mere inches closer or farther away from the Earth there would be massive atmospheric chaos.  (Or is it miles; not sure, but I’ll be researching it for the posts.)  Same thing for the Sun, a bit closer we’re toast, but a bit farther and we’re ice cubes.

I too get caught up in taking things for granted and presuming all the wonders of nature and science are solely for my benefit and there is no over-thinking required.  Just love it and live it, right? 

But there is so much to wonder about in all of creativity.  Even if you are an evolutionary believer, there is still so much to be gob smacked over when it comes to the vast variety in things; creatures and landscapes and seasons and environments and ecosystems and macro- and micro-everything.  Wonders never cease, whether created, happenstance or otherwise. 

Speaking of variety of creatures, oh my goodness, what if there were no dogs?  I don’t want to imagine what the world would be like without dogs. 

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Just like I don’t want to imagine what my life would have been like without Molly.  Because I did have Molly, that’s easy to say.  But if I really never had her, or any dog, in my life, how would I know what I missed?  How would I know the reward and overwhelming comfort of having such a loyal and good companion?  What other thing could ever replace the amazing qualities of dogs? 

What a pondering. 

So, be looking for future “What If?” posts to come your way. 

Enjoy and God Bless!

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One-Word Wednesday: Immobilized

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Tautology Tuesday ~ I’m Saying It Again Anyway Just Because Even Though It’s Already Been Said Once Before

In Celebration of Dogs

Posted on July 29, 2015 by lorijcollins, I Kissed a Dog and I Liked It


In celebration of Dogs

It’s hard for me to stay in the loop on things.  You wouldn’t think that would be the case for someone professionally trained as an Internal Auditor.  But it’s true.  As proof, I confess to you now that I had no clue whatsoever that we, as a nation overflowing with commemorative days of all kinds, had holidays for dogs.

Maybe that’s partly due to the fact that every day was Dog Day when I had Molly.  No special day set aside just for recognition of the virtues of the dog was needed for me.  With Molly in my life, every day was a day filled with unconditional love, so every day was a day worth celebrating.

Just in case you were lost in a fog like me, I’ll share with you what I learned today about dog holidays (note that the word is plural).  There isn’t just one special day.  Nope.  Dogs are so special and so worthy of praise and recognition that we have multiple days, weeks, and months devoted just for them.  We only have one Mother’s Day.  Independence Day is only celebrated once a year.  Thanksgiving, in my opinion, is worthy of more than just one day’s simple reflection but is left for only the fourth Thursday of November.  But for the case of celebrating dogs?  We have multiple DAYS and DAYS!  My head is still spinning from this.  Where have I been?

Here’s the rundown in order on the calendar:

  • February 23rd is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (‘Cause you know…let’s not just celebrate the dog, but what the dog loves to eat!)
  • March 23rd is National Puppy Day (visit
  • International Guide Dog Day is celebrated on April 18
  • “Scoop the Poop Week” is celebrated in April, ending with “Don’t Step in the Dog Poop Day” on April 25th (Well after all, if we’re celebrating the dog and also what the dog loves to eat, we just have to celebrate this too.)
  • National Guide Dog Month is celebrated in May of every year
  • National Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 15-21
  • Take Your Dog to Work Day comes every year in June
  • August 26th of this year will mark the 11th anniversary for National Dog Day (visit
  • The last full week of September is reserved as National Dog Week
  • The whole month of October is commemorated as Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month
  • December 2nd is the very special National Mutt Day (visit

In case you know of a dog holiday that I don’t have listed here, remember, I’ve been clueless.  Nothing has been left out intentionally.  In fact, if you know of something that should be listed and isn’t, I’d like to hear about it.  Between us, maybe we can fill the whole dang calendar and truly make every single day of the year a Dog Day.

Is every day a Dog Day at your house?  Even if you don’t have a dog in your life, be mindful that animals are worth celebrating.  Unfortunately, many animals are homeless and hungry.  Please do your part today, even if today isn’t a specially-designated Dog Day, to do something good for an animal.  You can donate or volunteer at your local animal shelter or humane society, you can open your home and adopt an animal in need, or just help scoop the poop.   Whatever it is, celebrate man’s best friend and all of dog’s accomplishments in the world.

God Bless.

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